Inspiration is in the details

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For vintage lovers, a MUST see!!!!
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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
(credit to my brother who actually found this and I thought it was really funny)

Porto Katsiki, Lefkada | Greece (by Elenilou)


How amazing are these cat clothed drawings from Hannah and Landon? I’d love to add any of these to my real world closet. Absolutely perfect!

<3 Kelly, ModStylist!

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Barbara Douglas, Favourite French Fairy Tales. New York, 1921. Illustrations by Rie Cramer.

02649 sancerre17

Destination Tags USA (by thepairabirds on Etsy)

Closet of the Month: Leigh Lezark
Jennifer Livingston, November 2012

Dance Party
Photo by Nina Leen

Hello to all my followers,

Want to say thanks first and foremost for loving what I love: craft, decor, art, photographs, travel, adventure, design, jewelry etc!!!

I hope you bare with me but I’m going to be knee deep in books and studying that my blog might come second, sadly. I’ll try my best to blog here and there to keep my head a float all the craziness.

               -Inspiration is in the details


Frame it&#160;! via Marta Locklear